Publication Ethics

The Editorial Board of the Oceanographic Journal (Problems, methods and facilities for researches of the World Ocean) adheres to and encourages authors and reviewers to adhere to the Code of Ethics for Scientific Publications developed by the Committee on Ethics for Scientific Publications (COPE) (

 Ethical obligations of the editorial board

 The editorial office has the right not to accept materials that do not correspond to the subject of the journal or are not executed according to the established rules. The editors report any violations of academic integrity, plagiarism, or duplication of articles.

The content of the articles is evaluated regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, origin, nationality, social status, place of work or political affiliation of the author (authors).

The editorial board ensures the confidentiality of all materials until they are published.

Articles accepted for publication are placed in the public domain on the journal website. Unpublished materials may not be used without the consent of the authors. Manuscripts are not returned to the authors.

The editorial board in identifying conflict takes all necessary measures to restore the violated rights.  

Ethical obligations of reviewers 

If the articles do not meet the requirements of the journal, they are rejected at the review stage.

Reviewers report any suspicions of copyright infringement, plagiarism, or potential conflict of interest to the editor-in-chief.

Reviewers evaluate the manuscript objectively and impartially without regard to the ethnic, gender, religious, political affiliation of the authors, as well as the scientific status or place of work of the author (s).

Reviewers are responsible for maintaining the principle of confidentiality.

The results of the review and the conclusions of the reviewers are entered in a special questionnaire. Personal criticism of the authors is not allowed. If the reviewer is unsure of his objectivity or competence, he has the right to inform the editor-in-chief.

Unpublished manuscripts may not be used by anyone and in any way without the consent of the authors. 

Ethical obligations of authors 

Authors must follow the journal's requirements for articles.

Authors are responsible for adherence to the principles of academic integrity, originality of publications, accuracy of factual material, accuracy of citations, experimental and analytical data, proper names and other information. Publication of articles in the journal is carried out in the author's edition.

The authors guarantee the originality of the article the fact that it has never been published before in Ukraine or abroad, its scientific novelty and authenticity of materials. When using other previous publications in the manuscript, the author must do so in the form of references or citations.

The author, who submits the article for publication from the team of authors, is responsible for the completeness and accuracy of the list of co-authors, ensures the consent of all co-authors to publish the article in the journal. The author-correspondent (representative of the group of authors) guarantees that all co-authors have read and approved the final content of the article, as well as agreed to its publication.

By submitting the article to the journal, the author agrees to transfer the property rights to the editors for the publication of the article and its distribution in electronic and printed form.

The author, however, reserves the copyright to use the materials of the article in whole or in part for educational purposes, to write their own research papers, dissertations, to prepare abstracts, conference reports, oral presentations, etc., as well as the right to post electronic copies of the article (including, the final electronic version from the official website of the journal) on non-commercial web-resources, personal web-resources of all authors (web-sites, web-pages, blogs, etc.), web-resources of institutions where co-authors work (including electronic institutional repositories) with reference to the Oceanographic Journal (Problems, methods and tools of research of the World Ocean).