The ecological component of the natural emanations of the Black Sea and the World Ocean

  • S.V. Goshovskyi State Institution "Scientific Hydrophysical Centre of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine"
  • O.V. Zurian Institute of Renewable Energy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Keywords: Climate change, methane emissions, seeps, mud volcanoes, degassing of the Black Sea.


Over the past decades, global climate change has taken a firm place in the public consciousness of many countries among the global environmental problems. The authors analyzed analytical and experimental studies on the role of methane in climate change based on various indicators that are used in scientific research and recommendations for an objective assessment of the role of methane in global ecological planetary processes. A study of the ratio of anthropogenic and natural emissions of methane was carried out, and an assessment of the ratio of various emission sources was carried out. It has been scientifically substantiated that one of the ecologically dangerous sources of Earth degassing is the leakage of methane from the seabed of the world's oceans to the water surface. The data on degassing of the Black Sea water area are presented. Attention is focused on the total emission of methane into the atmosphere and the increase in methane concentration in recent years. In this work, the authors propose a new approach to solving the problem by creating methodological and technical means for capturing methane gas from deposits of gas hydrates, seeps and mud volcanoes with their subsequent transportation and storage for use in industry and energy.



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